Lens choice for Sunday Walk

Here is a picture of my partner Philippa and our dogs taken on a Sunday Afternoon walk. The 80 – 200 was my choice to capture this moment in time.
Great clarity and contrast and no internal focusing motors to go wrong!
This is a proper old school lens, No silent wave motors, no image stabilisers, just a brilliant solid metal constructed Nikon beauty and an Ideal partner to the D3 with it’s built in focusing motor drive.

Philippa and Dogs



Nikon D3 so good I bought it twice!


After years of owning Canon cameras, I decided to make the hardest decision facing a photographer and that was to change make and model. The change also required new lenses, which I knew would be costly process especially as want fast quality glass of the same manufacture.

After researching the Nikon line up of past and present and considering my budget would mean buying a used item, one camera stood out, the D3.
I have now been a proud owner of a D3 for nearly two years and in that time have collected a good range of lenses to compliment this superb camera.

The present lens line up is:
14 – 24 2.8 AF-S
80 1.4 AF
28 – 70 2.8 AF-S
50 – 1.8 AF
80 – 200 2.8D ED
80 – 400 4.5-5.6 ED VR
500 reflex F8 (See post below)

The Nikon D3 has impressed me so much that now I have invested in a second one!
To quote Ken Rockwell: http://www.kenrockwell.com/nikon/d3.htm

My Nikon D3 lets me do things I’ve never been able to do, and makes it fast and easy. You don’t need a review: unlike any other camera I can recall, just talk to anyone who owns the D3 and you’ll hear praise gushing like no other camera. The Nikon D3 has no “buts,” as in “I love it but…” Everyone just loves it. You’ll hear the same thing from any photographer who had his hands on one for just a few minutes. The more someone knows about serious shooting, the more they love the D3.
The D3 just goes. It shoots and you get great images, period. Nothing is slow or gets in your way. It just goes. The Nikon D3 is a professional news, sports and action camera, but it’s decent for landscapes, too.

Mirror lens find at camera fair

A discovery of a classic lens – Fun with mirrors.
The 500mm f8 Reflex-Nikkor lens … Beautifully built and a pleasure to use.

This classic lens was a real find at the local camera fair in Frome, somerset.
This lens that dates back to its first launch in 1968!  I don’t think mine is that old, although the case may be telling another story.  If Your hung up on super sharp images, auto focus etc this is not for you. Hand held photography is a challenge to…..
This lens is for a unique kind of creative…Ill be back with some images soon

For a  review go to   http://www.kenrockwell.com/nikon/5008.htm
Ken’s not so keen on this one, but its fun to have a jaw dropping 500mm on the Nikon D3 body

500mm Nikon

Some images taken with the 500mm Mirror Lens:

Bobby 500mm-8299
My Dog Bobby 160th Sec 1000 iso Hand Held
Duck 500mm-8327
Ducks at Shearwater near Longleat 400th sec 1000 iso on a mono pod
Moon 500mm-8582
Half Moon at Twilight – 320th sec 200 iso on Tripod

Discovering HDR

HDR….what’s that you ask! Well this is how to make a picture appear as your mind really sees an image. Everything! Not in perfect color balance. Not a classic image, but how you really perceive the image and how you remember it. A memory brought to life. This has to be my most valuable photographic discovery so far! Brilliant!

Lacock-Cloisters-HDR-2 small
Lacock cloisters as we really see them