Mirror lens find at camera fair

A discovery of a classic lens – Fun with mirrors.
The 500mm f8 Reflex-Nikkor lens … Beautifully built and a pleasure to use.

This classic lens was a real find at the local camera fair in Frome, somerset.
This lens that dates back to its first launch in 1968!  I don’t think mine is that old, although the case may be telling another story.  If Your hung up on super sharp images, auto focus etc this is not for you. Hand held photography is a challenge to…..
This lens is for a unique kind of creative…Ill be back with some images soon

For a  review go to   http://www.kenrockwell.com/nikon/5008.htm
Ken’s not so keen on this one, but its fun to have a jaw dropping 500mm on the Nikon D3 body

500mm Nikon

Some images taken with the 500mm Mirror Lens:

Bobby 500mm-8299
My Dog Bobby 160th Sec 1000 iso Hand Held
Duck 500mm-8327
Ducks at Shearwater near Longleat 400th sec 1000 iso on a mono pod
Moon 500mm-8582
Half Moon at Twilight – 320th sec 200 iso on Tripod

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