The Old Bath Arms

Always a pleasure…

One of the most pleasurable projects for me has been to work with Richard Findlay at The Old Bath Arms in Frome. It has been creative learning curve that has produced some interesting images inspired by Richards flavour for the unique and different!  From HDR pictures to 360 degree panoramas, as well as showing off delicious food, a full gambit of skills and techniques were drawn upon to produce the images required. This weekend will see a reportage theme as I spend a day with the Bath Arms team. I hope to feature this in my next post….Stay tuned!

The project goal…

The overall brief was to show The Old Bath Arms in Frome in a unique and captivating way for publishing on The Old Bath Arms web site and other media including menus and advertising. Conventional images just didn’t seem quite right for the job, so HDR images were created for the room pictures. The rich colours and depth of detail was perfect to illustrate the extensive renovation the business had undergone over the last two years.

Food photography is challenging for most photographers and can take time to master. This I have found this to be the most technically difficult part of the project but the most satisfying. The Old Bath Arms food photography has been a chance to use different techniques without the luxury of a studio and is still ongoing as Richards appetite for new and exciting dishes continues!  Smoked steak and Fish is next!

Lovely rich and warm colours from the HDR images:

Each of the HDR pictures are created from 7 individual images combined together to produce a true High Dynamic Range image. The result is a picture with immense detail and rich saturation of colours.

Pizza Room-HDRThe Gallery 1 HDR bHolywood HDR 2Highland HDRImmersive Panoramas

At the request of Richard a series of 360 degree panoramas were created so immersive images of each room could be published on his web site:

All the panoramas were assembled from 72 individual images using a 14mm lens on the Nikon D3 mounted on a purpose built nodal tripod head giving a full 360 degree spherical image.

Findlays Real Ale Bar Pano 1_out

Some interesting and unusual images came out of the 360 panoramas
Just a bit of fun seeing a corridor and staircase twisted and convoluted!Entrance hall 6

Sea Bass cooking on black rock

The Old Bath Arms 20140216 © Martyn Payne 0023

More images and a great place to visit can be found here:


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